First Literacy Workshop Registration: Math Instruction for HiSet

First Literacy Workshop Registration

Math Instruction for High School Equivalency: De-mystifying Algebra for the Math Phobic

Friday, March 24 and April 7, 2017
10:00am - 1:00pm

First Literacy
160 Boylston Street, 2nd Floor, Boston
(Across from Boston Common)

Marilyn Ginberg 
is a pre-HiSet and HiSet level math instructor at the Perkins Community Center in Dorchester and the Charlestown Adult Education Center in Charlestown. She has been teaching math for five years. 

This workshopwill explore a variety of ways to get students from math phobic to math confident in a short amount of time so they can succeed on the test and develop a fundamental understanding of basic mathematical symbols and equations. The workshop is also relevant for teachers in GED programs.

Please note: The workshop is intended for pre-HiSet and HiSet teachers and is also relevant for GED teachers. The workshop will not cover basic math instruction.

Session 1: This session will focus on algebraic thinking and equations. Workshop participants will try a variety of classroom exercises that develop students’ basic understanding of algebraic concepts and symbols. Activities include: number line project, what is an x, combining like terms, and algebra narratives and coordinate grids. Participants will get a chance to share what challenges they have in their own classrooms and what tools they use to overcome these challenges.

Session 2: Session two will include additional classroom activities and narratives to build understanding and confidence in algebraic thinking. A part of this session will be set aside for participants to share the most difficult challenges they face in their classrooms and come away with strategies for addressing these challenges.

A commitment to attend both sessions is expected of each participant. 

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